Malinovski Experience is the business unit focused on products of the connections and businesses HUB, designed for companies and professionals related to the forest sector and wood industry.

The unit is divided into four groups:


Malinovski Training

The training offered by Malinovski meets the demand of forest and wood industry professionals for technical and quality knowledge. Highly qualified instructors teach several online courses live and in person (open to the public and In Company).


Malinovski 4 Company

Malinovski, aware of the customers need to launch products and services, presents Malinovski 4 Company, a product for organizing online events focused on customers specific demands.



Malinovski Exchange

One of our values is to connect professionals linked to the productive wood chain. Thus, we idealized the Malinovski Exchange, a new experience to bring together groups with specific knowledge of relevant themes, providing ecosystems focused and integrated to a common purpose, aiming at a healthy benchmarking among the participants.


Malinovski News

Business unit focused 100% on digital products to enhance quality information for the planted forest sector. The information is prepared by professionals with forest DNA. Malinovski News is divided into: B.Forest Magazine, Malinovski Talks and Flash News.



World Forest Connection

Seeking to strengthen international connections, Malinovski has signed partnerships with international professionals who work in strategic regions of the forest sector. The partnerships aim to exchange market information and to learn about new technologies applied in the forest environment. In this hub, technical missions are also organized to visit the main world forest fairs.


Trade Fair and Technical Events

The trade fairs in addition to contributing to technological development, allowing participants’ brand to be in evidence and providing a networking environment for generating business. Technical events, on the other hand, improve and update concepts and knowledge. Malinovski organizes the main forestry events in Latin America, and from now on, it will start organizing technical events online as well.