The fairs generate business, besides contributing to the technological development, and place the brand of the participants in evidence. Already the technical events confer improvement and update of concepts used.


Expoforest – Brazilian Forestry Fair

Expoforest is a static/dynamic forestry fair focusing on machinery, equipment, assets and technology for the forestry sector.



Lignum Brazil

  11 – 13, September 2019

Brazil brings in its history a strong link with the production and transformation of wood. From a rudimentary exploration process, the industry has evolved, and today the country is a world leader in the productivity of planted forests, adopting high-tech production and harvesting practices. As a result, various wood use and processing activities have also evolved, especially lumber, plywood and reconstituted panels of pine and eucalyptus. Lignum Brazil Fair was the result of the perception of this reality.



Seminar of Harvesting and Wood Transportation

The Update Seminar on Wood Harvesting and Forest Transportation Systems carries on the tradition of the 1977 event which has since gained renown in this field for spreading knowledge and technology. Today, the Seminar is known as the largest technical/scientific event in the wood harvesting field in Latin America.



Brazilian Silviculture Meeting

The Brazilian Silviculture Meeting is the moment when hundreds of professionals get to interact and access up-to-date information, which seeks to answer the Brazilian planted forest sector’s demands for technology. Besides the important lectures given by highly qualified specialists and the presentation of scientific articles by the participants, the Meeting also allows professionals from different companies and institutions to interact, establish partnerships and exchanging experiences regarding the use of technology and strategies which may applied to planted forests.



Brazilian Forest Infrastructure and Logistics Meeting

The Encontro Brasileiro de Infraestrutura Florestal (Brazilian Forest Infrastructure and Logistics Meeting) aims to provide a platform for the gathering of technicians and engineers from forestry enterprises and public institutions to discuss a range of themes related to infrastructure and logistics in the forestry sector.



Brazilian Forest RH and Safety Meeting

In order to answer the demand of professionals in the forestry sector for the preservation of life and for a safe and productive work environment, Malinovski presents the Encontro Brasileiro de Segurança Florestal (Brazilian Forest Safety Meeting).



Woodtrade Brazil

 10, September  2019

Wood Trade Brazil is an event organized by ABIMCI, FIEP and Malinovski, with the goal of connecting professionals and businessmen in the wood processing sector whose production is centered in Brazil – but whose operations are carried out on a global scale – in order to discuss perspectives and opportunities in this field.



Brazilian Biomass and Wood Energy Meeting

In order to answer the demand of professionals in the logging sector who long for solutions to reduce energy costs in the industry and believe in the potential of wood as a source of energy, Malinovski presents the Encontro Brasileiro de Energia da Madeira (Brazilian Wood Energy Meeting).