Since 2008, Malinovski has been operating significantly in the forestry sector! We always go further, connecting the forestry sector, expanding business, innovating and enhancing positive experiences.

Since then, the company has been making a difference with important consultancy work, holding fairs, meetings and technical events, training and international technical trips. With more than a decade of delivering market intelligence, developing ideas, technologies and strengthening the forestry and wood industry sectors around the world, we have acquired the greatest power of connection and business involvement in the country in this segment.

New times demand new attitudes! In 2020, we underwent restructuring of all our work units, seeking to present our business hub, technologies and connections to the market.

We have forestry DNA, we are passionate about what we do and we trust in the evolution of the forestry sector and the wood industry.

Malinovski Experience

This business unit is focused on products aimed at areas such as business, connections, technical content, improvement and development for companies and professionals in the wood productive chain. Malinovski Experience is divided into four areas:

Malinovski Training: the training offered by Malinovski meets the demand of forest and wood industry professionals for technical and quality knowledge.

Malinovski Exchange: we offer a new experience to bring together groups with specific knowledge of relevant themes, providing ecosystems focused and integrated to a common purpose, aiming at a healthy benchmarking among the participants.

Malinovski World Forest Connection: we strengthen the connections with international professionals who work in strategic regions of the forest sector, seeking greater integration between partner countries. In this hub, we also organize technical trips to visit the main world forest fairs.

Malinovski Fairs and Events: we operate in the organization of forest and wood industry fairs, such as Expoforest, Lignum Latin America and Show Florestal. In addition to the fairs, we also organize technical events seeking networking among participants. We are creators and directors of the best and biggest events in the sector, with international recognition.

We believe in the forest sector

Malinovski believes in the forestry and wood industry, and above all, in the company’s growth. Our priority is that you make the best connections, close more deals, and leverage your results. We are together towards the continued success of our sector.

Our values are honor, relationship, and energy! Our mission is to generate value with experience and innovation!

Malinovski, we go beyond the forest!





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