Always looking for what’s newest, most relevant and sustainable in the forestry market, Malinovski carries out personalized analyses and strategic planning aimed at your company’s needs. By providing customized studies, we evaluate which technological solutions and innovations are the best fit for your business.




    Consultancy in Forestry Operations

    Malinovski makes detailed analyses of operational, technological and market processes to identify opportunities for implementing improvements for increasing the profitability of forestry projects. With a team of PhD professionals and market specialists, the company is a reference in activities ranging from forest road planning, construction and maintenance, as well as silviculture and timber harvesting and transportation. Moreover, we work in other fields of forestry consultancy through qualified partnerships.



    Forest Asset Management

    Managing forest assets is an essential part in the process of obtaining maximum return on forestry investments. With a multidisciplinary team and highly specialized partners, Malinovski offers services ranging from the strategic outlining of the best management model for each asset to its complete restructuring and operationalization towards delivering the desired result.



    Business Intelligence

    Malinovski is always ahead when it comes to periodic market research and evaluating the forestry machinery and equipment sector by monitoring the current market share and sales trends for each segment. With a solid database, we develop competitiveness studies in order to help companies with market placement and searching for new opportunities in productivity and efficiency gains in their operations.