B. Forest Electronic Journal was created in 2014 by professionals who, in addition to technical knowledge, are passionate about the forest sector. From the outset, we’ve listened closely to the market. Thus, specialized professionals of renown in this field were invited to be a part of our technical board.

“B” stands for “Be” and “Business”, which means Being Forestry, Being in the Forest and doing Business with the Forest.

The articles present the forest sector in an innovative way, bringing information that goes beyond the commonplace. That is why readers find every month articles about the different kinds of technology applied to forest production. Through the Journals, they have contact with the market’s main discussions and with some of the opportunities that flow over the business world.

With this publication, we intend above all to create a feeling of proximity, to connect to the market and its professionals. Welcome to B.Forest, a new concept in forestry media!



Wood Harvesting Portal

The Wood Harvesting Portal was created in 2008 with the main objective of advertising the traditional Update Seminar on Wood Harvesting and Forest Transportation Systems – that began in 1977 in Curitiba (PR), and also the Expoforest – Brazilian Forestry Fair.

The aim of the portal is to disseminate technical/scientific information on forest operations, primarily focusing on wood harvesting operations. Today we offer one of the largest photographic collections and forestry machinery and equipment videos in the world, as well as hundreds of specific publications focusing on various topics related to operations. Thus, the Portal has become a national and global icon when it comes to forest operations.

Every month, the Wood Harvesting Portal news team sends B. Forest – Forest Harvesting, Transport and Biomass to all readers, with exclusive news, interviews with leading professionals in the forestry sector, newsflashes, as well as videos and pictures posted in the period.



Woodharvesting Channel on YouTube

The Woodharvesting Channel on YouTube was created along with the Wood Harvest Portal, also in 2008, with an aim to release videos of machinery and equipment for forest operations all over the world.

Today it is the world’s largest specialized channel in the field, with over 65 million views.



Forest Marketing

It is the passion for the forest sector that moves us at Malinovski. Therefore, we seek integrated solutions in Marketing and Communications for all of our clients.

Our main advantage over the competition is a deep understanding of the consumer, the client and the needs of the forestry industry.